Fascinated by the things we cannot see, Jowita Wyszomirska creates artwork that asks us to observe the moments happening in the periphery of our perceived experience: A cloud casting a shadow as it crosses the sun, the ever-changing shoreline where land and water meet, the sensory experience of the wind, the warmth of a shimmering light touching the skin. Be it a site-specific installation or captivating work on paper, Polish-born Wyszomirska’s subdued palette, organic aesthetic and dynamic sense of movement produces work that is both familiar and fresh. Working intuitively to create paint layers of embedded information with fluid, open compositions representing the passage of time, nature and patterns, her work is a bold representation of the details and intricacies she observes.

Curated by Susan Laney of Laney Contemporary (Savannah), Unseen Patterns is a large-scale, site-specific installation stretching throughout the Westobou Gallery. Wyszomirska’s work reflects the effects of climate change: freak winter storms, extreme weather changes and highly fluctuating temperatures. It is based on aerial maps of the Savannah River and satellite imagery of weather patterns of the Chesapeake Bay. With the use of software, Wyszomirska turns this visual data into patterns which she then cuts into a wide array of shapes. From there, she paints the layers of information embedded within the shapes and contours them to create fluid, open compositions in which suspended felt and Mylar seem to defy gravity.

“Collecting empirical data and translating it into subjective compositions reveals parallels and recurring patterns,” says Jowita. “Repetitive engagement with these compositions—marking, connecting, stringing, cutting, folding, erasing, layering—creates a work that operates in the liminal, that ever-changing, seemingly chaotic character of natural borders.”

Jowita Wyszomirska was born in Poland and immigrated to Chicago with her family in the early 90s. With an interdisciplinary approach to drawing and projects ranging from installations to video experimentations, she expands beyond the two-dimensional surface to explore the edges of tangible and intangible. Her work has been featured in exhibitions at the Baltimore Museum of Art (MD), the VisArts (Rockville, MD), Foundry Art Centre (St. Charles, MO), The Temporary (Baltimore, MD), Maryland Institute of Art (Baltimore, MD), among others. Honors and awards include the Board of Governor’s Award (b-grant) she received from the William G. Baker Jr. Memorial Fund in 2014, and numerous residencies including the Soaring Gardens Residency (Meshoppen, PA), Jentel Foundation (WY), Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (NE), and International School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture (Umbria, Italy). Wyszomirska received her BFA from the Illinois State University and her MFA from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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