Laney Contemporary Features New Works by Noted Artist Tobia Makover

Otherwise a little-known town off I-95, Midway, Georgia comes alive in Tobia Makover’s upcoming aptly-titled show, Midway, running November 17-22 at the Oglethorpe Gallery.

A renowned local artist, Makover will exhibit never-before-seen mixed media photo encaustics that center around this small Georgia town, rich with Civil War and Civil Rights history. Midway is an autobiographical, coming of age exhibition that juxtaposes the death of Makover’s father with the birth of her children.

The encaustic photographs- encased in a combination of wax, resin, and varnish- embody a deep Southern community with a fading story. The black and white images capture a history rich with sometimes-blurred sentiments of good and evil.

“The physical past is endangered… dying even. And with it, much beauty,” explains Makover. “For my own life perspective, life confronts death. My father’s generation passes away as a new generation is birthed. The future is forming, the present deteriorates, and the past struggles to survive.”

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