Laney Contemporary Fine Art is attentive to the medium of photography in its historical and emergent practices. From the gallery’s inception photographer Jack Leigh’s work has been at the heart of the gallery and its celebration of Savannah and surrounds. Collaborations with community artists, curators, guest speakers, filmmakers, and even local chefs is an important component of the gallery’s growing connectivity. As a part of this effort, Laney Contemporary is pleased to announce Aint–Bad: Collaborations, an exhibition co-curated with Aint–Bad, an Independent Publisher of New Photographic Art. Aint–Bad is a Savannah-based, but internationally situated, publisher and online platform, with magazines and monographs published annually, including photographers from all over the world and with an infinite spectrum of content.

With works in this exhibition chosen by Taylor Curry, Carson Sanders, Lisa Jaye Young, Allison Westerfield and Susan Laney, Collaborations focuses on a selection of artists whose work was part of the 2018-2019 publication of Aint–Bad Issue No.13. With this issue, Aint–Bad invited fifteen inspirational curators from all different regions to choose artists for the magazine from an open, international call for submissions. The result is an ambitious compilation of photographs and curatorial visions. This exhibition represents a handful of works by some of these artists. It is not the first coordinated effort between Laney Contemporary and Aint-Bad working in tandem, but it is the first to be held in the gallery. The exhibition includes the work of Chicago-based photographer, Clarissa Bonet, whose images explore urban manifestations of light as a metaphysical experience, the embroidered, intimate photographs by Los Angeles-based artist Diane Meyer, an ambitious photo-collage installation by Aimée Beaubien, and images of the mundane and the mythical by Atlanta-based photographer Maury Gortemiller. Artists also include Rana Young, Zora Murff, Seunggu Kim, Julie Renee Jones, Andrew Curtis Waits, Jon Feinstein, Shinya Masuda, and Ashley Miller. Collaborations celebrates the medium of photography as a collaborative spirit uniting artist and subject, subject and viewer, within a widespread community of people and images with the power to spark the unexpected.